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EzDataPro32 beta is now available for download, testing, and purchase. EzDataPro32 uses 4 new neural net processing engines to get unparalleled accuracy and will replace the EzData product line.

EzData™ is the premier form creation and form processing product by Creative ICR Inc.

With multiple character recognition engines, dictionary auto correction, and a custom form editor you can create processable forms in a matter of minutes including the associated Microsoft Access compatible database.

The accuracy and ease-of-use of EzData™ is unparalleled in the intelligent character recognition (ICR) and handwriting recognition marketplace. In addition to its superior intelligent character recognition it also handles optical mark recognition (OMR), bar-code recognition and standard image capture.

In a matter of minutes you can use the custom form editor to create a new processable form containing text fields, checkbox or object mark fields, barcode fields, images fields, as well as many other non-processable form items.

After saving the form to disk you're now ready to start processing forms. Just print out the new form, fill it in, and scan it. If the database does not already exist it will be automatically created when the form is processed. After reviewing the results and making any necessary corrections you can save the data to the database.

EzData has a variety of processing options allowing complete control over the form processing step. From automatically saving and closing processed forms and images to complete batch command control.

PDF Help Manual EzData Help Manual
PDF Quick Reference Guid Quick Reference Guide
ICR character recognition 4 extremely accurate handprint ICR character recognition engines
Standard character recognition OCR character recognition of many standard fonts
Accented character recognition ICR/OCR recognition of handprint and standard font accented characters
Punctuation character recognition ICR/OCR recognition of handprint and standard font punctuation characters
Command line processing control complete command line form processing control
Processing engine control field by field control of processing engine and dictionary auto correction
Text auto correction standard and custom dictionary support for auto correction of text fields
Optical mark recognition 3 extremely accurate optical mark recognition engines
Barcode recognition 1 barcode recognition engine
Image capture area capture a region of the form as an image stored in the database
Automatic scoring set fields point values as well as expected values for auto scoring
Group field fields can be grouped, each group representing a new database record
Database automatic Microsoft Access compatible database generation
Database view/navigation data is displayed, searched, and edited directly in the form view
HTML charts HTML text table report generation, import directly into Microsoft Excel
HTML reports HTMLgraph report generation, import directly into Microsoft Excel
Import and export import and export data from form databases
Form Creation
Multiple page forms single as well as multiple page form support
Form sizes standard US and European form sizes supported as well as custom sizes
Multiple text field types 22+ types including text, numbers, dates, times, phone numbers, and more
Multi-line text fields text fields can be multiple lines and any number of characters
Checkbox/radiobutton fields single and multiple selection checkbox (OMR) fields
Multi-line checkbox fields checkbox fields can be multiline and support any number of checkboxes
Image import import a variety of image types into your forms
Standard form shapes/items

include boxes, circles, text, and lines in your form design

Form borders create custom form border/outline
Form templates over 40+ standard form field templates, support for custom form templates
Suggested value display processable fields can have a suggested value displayed in the dropout color
Custom field values fields can and custom value sets for pre-filling field values before printing
Automatic group box creation automatically create group boxes around a set of fields


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