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T-Tech Digital Media Ltd

We are a small company in the UK developing an application for the insulation industry, which involves scanning hundreds of documents, extracting data, and then uploading this data to our PHP / SQL web based database application.
We looked at various solutions in depth, before deciding that EzData looked like the way to go for this project. We made an initial contact with EzData, and we were both surprised and pleased with the response, they appeared to be a company who wanted to work with us, and were willing to offer the support we needed to get this project off the ground. Over the past few months the EzData support team have provided us with assistance on all our development and interface questions, and have really 'gone that extra mile' to research solutions to our questions, and provide us with quality information.
I am pleased that we decided to go with EzData as our solution, as nowadays it is so hard to find a company willing to provide this level of support for a software product.

Andy Torkington. Senior Software Engineer
T-Tech Digital Media ltd.
Blackpool. UK.

Direct Solutions International Ltd

We have been a customer of Creative ICR and using EzData since 2005. As a small-scale consultancy firm in direct marketing, we needed a cost effective solution where data acquisition process is simplified. I am quite confident to say that EzData provided us with both. CreativeICR offered us free upgrades and excellent customer service.

We were in for a pleasant surprise when I communicated a certain requirement of ours to CreativeICR and it was implemented in the very next release! As a consumer, I like a vendor who actually listens to their customers. In a world full of buggy software, EzData has never let us down for nearly two years of usage.

When we started using EzData we started with one part-time operator. Now, after nearly two years, with increased workload, we still have only one full-time operator. That is a simple example of high-productivity. Keep up the good work. Nice to have a partner like you.

Supun Perera (BSc Hons. In Computer Science, Colombo)
Manager MIS
Direct Solutions International (Pvt) Ltd
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

EZDATAPRO32 has proven itself to be a very helpful product at a reasonable price. Using this program, I have created various professional looking forms for our NPDES training and public education programs, and using the scanning and recognition features, we are now able to more efficiently track and monitor information, and will be able to save countless hours compared to manually entering the data. Further, CreativeICR’s Product Support has been exceptional. All of my calls and/or e-mails have been promptly answered by friendly staff that are very knowledgeable and able to fully respond to both basic and technical questions. They have been truly concerned with ensuring my experience with their product is first class, and have even considered incorporation of a few of my new/enhanced feature requests. Thank you Jeff and CreativeICR!

Claudio M. Padres, P.E.
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Our department has hundreds of patients every year that we wish to collect data from. We use this data to improve patient care and management.

We have just purchased EzData and created a simple form to collect patient diagnostic information. The software is simple to use, with a high degree of accuracy for recognising check-boxes (our main use). Our next phase is to create a large 8 page questionnaire to capture more complex data and integrate it into a database.

The support provided by Jeff has been outstanding. It is rare to obtain such comprehensive and timely support these days.

Overall, this software provides good value for money with outstanding support.

Dr Mark Schutze
Department of Pain Management
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Western Australia

Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Assistant

We have used the EZ data product at our medical institution for obtaining patient information for over a year and find their product user friendly for both patients and staff. Since our first interaction, our experience with Creative ICR has been nothing less than outstanding. They are always available for timely support and have worked closely with us to create a solution that is right for us. Creative ICR demonstrates a level of quality service uncommon in the market.

Tianna Umann
Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Assistant
Director of Quality Assurance in the Divison of Cardiothoracic Surgery
New York, NY

Docland Software

Thanks for all this. I have to say that your support is great, it's the best I've encountered in 25 years in the business! - every bit as good as the testimonials on your web site. I appreciate that I'm a small customer at present, but I'm looking forward to doing significant business with big customers using your software as a key component.

Garrett O'Carroll

Saint Joseph Health System

We chose EZData to assist our sleep center with collecting quality, environment of care and patient satisfaction data. After creating the appropriate forms and calibrating an off-the-shelf All-In-One machine's scanner, we have seen a 50% reduction in the time it takes to collect and aggregate our data. We use the databases to export to Excel where we are able to create complex graphs and calculations on the data. We are extremely pleased with the quality of this product, its performance and its cost of ownership. Thanks for a great solution.

K Savage
Saint Joseph Health System
Lexington, KY

Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.

The last time we did a real customer survey was several years ago. Back then, it took a dedicated person two months to process the results…not very efficient. That is the reason one hasn’t been done in a long time.

Using the EzData product was a dream. In just a few hours we were able to come up with a survey form that we direct mailed to our subscribers with their monthly bill. We got a ton of them back, and were able to process them immediately with very little effort. Management was delighted to be able to look at the results in real-time as they came in. At the end of the campaign, we were able to produce the data we needed to plan for the coming year and having the data in an Access database made it very easy to produce the charts and graphs that Management loves so much!

I must say that the user experience was greatly enhanced by the quick response and technical expertise of Jeff Carlson. He patiently answered all of my questions, and helped us to get the software configured for our application. It is nice to be able to consistently get the support of a knowledgeable person in such a timely manner. Thank you so much, Jeff, for making this project (and more to come) a success.

Jeff Rogers
IS Administrator
Interstate Telecommunications Coop, Inc.

O. Smith Creations

Your product is simply amazing. I downloaded demos of some of the more well known ocr/icr software programs and none of even came close to your product. On my first try I got excellent results while other programs where asking me to to something more complicated than what they advertised. I was so impressed I bought your product after my first demo try. Thanks!

O. Smith Creations


We currently enter around 30,000 line entries into a spreadsheet a month. EzData ICR has reduced the amount of time to enter our data from 2 weeks to less than a day. Their helpful staff answered our questions and got us quickly setup and rolling. The program is easy to use and easy to understand.

Mfg Eng Supervisor
Billy Gray

Atlanta Tender Love & Care

What can I say? I have been using EzData for over 3 months now and it has cut the work load of my school by half from student applications to tests and quizzes. Price/Performance? I've looked all over the net for ICR software that would be easy to implement, work as described and priced in my budget range. Ezdata and Jeff came through for me.

Did I mention the great support? I commented on a feature that would be useful to not only my company but other potential customers and it was incorporated in the next version and ready for download the next day.

Thanks Jeff!


Andre Rhone
Atlanta Tender Love & Care
Atlanta, Georgia

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

We have just started using EZData to collect survey data from our field operations.
Our field staff collects in excess of 100,000 lines of data each year on a variety of surveys. The majority of these data must be analyzed in the same week they are collected.

In the recent past we have been relying on PDA’s for data collection, but our efforts were confounded by hardware failure due to the outdoor work environment. Using EZData we have solved this problem.

Form set up is intuitive and processing isn’t as finicky as the skeptics in our staff suggest. I expect to achieve the same timesavings over data entry in less than two weeks, about half the time it took with PDA’a.

Finally, I have found customer support to be superior. Responses were fast, personal and always on point. I even requested a modification to the program, which, to my surprise was included in a beta made available to me in two weeks of my request. This is a better response than my own IT Division gives me.

Darcy A. Wildermuth
Marine Biologist
Region 4, Marine Resources
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Vacation Express

Vacation Express is a travel company that flies from the Southeastern United States to various destinations in the Caribbean. On each of our return flights we pass out comment cards to our passengers and ask them to rate their destination, accommodations, transportation, and general value for their money as well as providing some basic demographic information. The problem we ran across was that with five to ten thousand completed comment cards arriving in our office each month no one could read and tally up all of the information. To capture this data we went looking for software incorporating handwriting recognition and optical mark recognition (OMR). While many companies offered software that did one or the other only, the number of products that do both is small. Of the products that did provide both forms of recognition, most cost too much money and required new hardware that we could not afford. That is when we found Creative ICR and their EzData product. EzData worked on our existing computers and worked with our TWAIN complaint scanner. EzData comes with software to design, scan, validate, and extract the data. The information is stored in an Access compatible database so it was easy to work with using familiar Microsoft Office products.

When we approached Creative ICR about modifying the program to better suit our needs he accepted the challenge. I like to think we had a hand in shaping the direction that the software took since many of our suggestions and comments became part of successive releases. The few times we found inconstancies or errors he was quick to supply a point release correcting the problems, sometimes overnight. Creative ICR's responses to our issues and requests were prompt and courteous.

Accuracy of the optical mark recognition engine is excellent, allowing easy acquisition of demographic data. To date we have processed over 150,000 forms using EzData. Handwriting recognition is still not where we would like it to be but that is due to the state of recognition technology today. I believe Creative ICR's product does as well as any product on the market and better than anything at a comparable price. We rate value as cost versus return and on that scale EzData rates as an excellent product.


Robert Meeks
I. T. Operations Manager
Vacation Express
A part of MyTravel group
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ed Marshall

A quick note to tell how much I like EZData. It works quite well for me. Intuitive form creation. Accurate recognition.

I'm just a ICR form rookie but what more could I ask for?

My first "real" form is a mileage log form on 3x5 cards to track personal versus business use of the car. Next I'm going to try a Task/project input form for my low-tech, hipster pda (www.hipsterpda.com). After that I'll try the first of several structural design input forms (The real reason for purchasing EzData.

Thanks for the fine product,

Ed Marshall

CyberDental Design Solutions

EzData has helped streamlined gathering medical data/survey collection. From a research standpoint of view this software provides the tools above and beyond what anyone could have imagined to streamline data collection and analysis. And best of all is the great support team behind the software!

Jeffrey Karen
CyberDental Design Solutions

ORI Services

"Searching for a good ICR/OCR solution for time card data entry was a long process. We identified and tested several solutions and found that their ability correctly deal with simple form based ICR forms was lacking. Solutions that are advertised the handling of ICR forms were prohibitively expensive.
We came across the web site for Creative ICR and began reading about their solution. We pulled down the demo version, it installed very easily and we began using it with success within an hour.
I was sure that the Creative ICR EzData solution was going to do the job for us, but I did have a few questions about its use. I contacted Creative ICR with a simple question and I received an immediate, informative and friendly response to my questions. That was more than I expected, but when asking about how I could setup further business process automation using their command line options (that I was so pleased to see supported), they asked how I was going to use the product. They worked with me and gave me many useful idea's as well as ADDING A FEATURE for us that would make the product more useful to us and others.

In my twenty years in the computer industry have never worked with a software vendor that was so helpful and responsive. Our hats are off to the Creative ICR team for their responsiveness and a wonderful product."

Greg, ORI Services

Visual Images Photography

Visual Images Photography serves the Las Vegas community by providing school and league sports/activities photography programs, doing portrait photography, and filling other custom photographic needs. In this business it is necessary to establish a customer database and automated work plans to assist in serving these needs quickly and reliably. Literally thousands of individual, group and team shots are involved on relatively short schedule. The individuals order the products via order forms inscribed on envelopes; the envelopes are then used to deliver the product. Creating a database involves transcribing information from the envelope forms onto a spread sheet; a labor intensive and error-prone process. For this reason we turned to Creative ICR for a solution. Their EzData product provides a quick accurate way of scanning information into a database with minimum human intervention. EzData comes with software to design, scan, validate, and extract the data and store it in an Access compatible database for use with Microsoft Office products.

To date we have processed many thousands of forms using EzData. If the form is filled out properly, the results are exceptional. If little care is spent filling out the form it takes some human judgment to correct the errors. Even in the latter case (which is unfortunately not a rarity) EzData is still provides much improvement over the manual approach since it also creates the data base. We believe that the process represents the high end of character recognition technology and is certainly marketed at a comfortable price. The Creative ICR staff has responded on several occasions to assist us in use of the product and even responding to special requests for file transformations. All-in all we are quite satisfied with EzData and will strongly recommend them in the future.


Kevin Riley, Owner
Visual Images Photography
Las Vegas, Nevada

PrepMatters, Inc.

EZDATA combined both customer service and technical ability to meet our needs to administer practice tests for our test prep clientele. We can now collect and display important data that can be used to enhance services to our clients.

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, PrepMatters, Inc. Bethesda, Maryland

Fantasy Golf Group LLC

EZData has allowed our organization to grow much faster than we previously thought possible. By using their software, we were able to design a custom golf scorecard to track the scores and statistics of our players. This has helped us to eliminate hundreds of hours of labor and expand to new markets quickly without fear of having to hire additional staff. The folks behind EZData have also been amazing in their response to our questions and requests for modifications. We recommend this product without any hesitation!

Kevin M. Balfe
President, Fantasy Golf Group LLC

Columbus Feis

We plan on using EZDATA next year to capture the results of over 1400 Irish Dance competitors. It currently takes several weeks to enter all of the results and comments into our database by hand. I estimate we will be able to complete this task in less than 1 day.

Initially we had some problems with creating the multipage forms needed for the competition. I emailed our issues Jeff and he responded in less that 24 hours. He had the problem solved the next day.

In this day and age it’s difficult to get decent customer service. Usually I end up talking to someone in India. Creative ICR Inc’s customer service is excellent. Usually I get a response from Jeff within a couple of hours. When I had a problem he solved the next day.

I have looked at several other high priced software packages, but you can’t beat EZDATA for price, performance, and customer service.

Best Regards
Mike Holland
Columbus Feis Committee

CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.

Who would have thought that technical support could be obtained on a Saturday of a holiday weekend, but you were there with answers to questions and time saving ideas to support a form design needed for our project in Kuwait. Great support, and genuine concern for us as a client! Thanks, Jeff!

Joseph P. Sciulli
Vice President and Senior Operations Consultant

Santa Corporation, FromSanta.com

We use EZ Data for many different form and database applications throughout our company. These uses range from internal solutions to customer related. The product is a great business investment and the customer service is par none. Keep up the great work and service!

Henry Marcan, President and Chief Elf, From Santa Corporation, FromSanta.com

Joel Gauvreau

We will be using EzData to collect the answer from the player in a game to discover the lives of the first prospectors in our region. The goal was to make it as easy as possible for the player to enter their answer and get their result right away without hiring additional staff. EzData is very straightforward to use and get the job done quickly, it generate an access database file and was very easy to integrate in our game. It just worked right out of the box! The customer support is very responsive and friendly. I would definitely recommend EzData if you have any automated form processing needs.

Sleeptalk Inc.

Sleeptalk is an online and face to face dating company. We have found EzData an invaluable tool and a fundemental part of our business process for providing online speeddating match results.


John Thomas

This is great customer service. I really appreciate your working through this. We all buy software to solve problems or make us more efficient. We certainly have our share of problems with out business operations hwere. I know much of the challenge with this is in my tweaking to an acceptable level of proficiency. You have been quick, courteous, helpful and timely on your responses, and that is great.

John Thomas

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